Wall Partitioning Systems

Perfect Plastering install Non Load-bearing Partitioning Systems in a range of situations. There are high performance internal wall or partitioning systems available for Commercial, Domestic and Industrial applications and we undertake all of them!

When a partition wall is non load-bearing it enables speedy construction.

With the variety of systems and finishes available today partition walls can create a positive effect to both the layout and design of different spaces. They are fast becoming an aesthetically appealing feature within the construction field. This is especially true of glass partitioning where it helps to give a sense of space and an open-plan look, but maintains the required privacy. Typical applications for this type of partitioning are in offices and commercial environments.

Many styles of partitioning are available to create the look and feel that is required.

Contemporary, modern, sleek and clean. Or maybe a more formal finish is required. Perhaps you need it to fit in with a building’s traditional style. At Perfect Plastering we are able to offer the full range of partition wall systems From metal studding systems to traditional wood and plaster board. Wood does tend to offer the ability to be more creative with the finished result.

In our experience we find that everyone’s requirements are different.

That is why you should call Perfect Plastering to discuss your potential project. We can advise on the best and cost effective solution for you.

In a domestic environment, partition systems offer an economical solution to an expanding family’s needs. Often a large room can be split into two smaller rooms simply and quickly. By incorporating clever design principles like light tunnels into the roof or glazed panels in-set into the partitioning system, one can inject natural light into both rooms where otherwise it would have been impossible.

Another area of partition walls is Sound Insulation. There are a few options here depending upon the level and type of sound that needs to be reduced. With the correct insulation we can remove most of the noise travelling from one room to the next. However, sound is always a difficult thing to totally remove, especially deep bass sounds.

Heat conversely, requires different insulation if managing the temperature is your requirement. Sometimes one requires the heat to be absorbed and others for the heat to be reflected. Again totally different requirements for possibly the same location.

Some areas have damp as a problem to solve. It certainly has to be prevented in most cases too. there are exceptions of course such as in swimming pool buildings and aquariums where it is simply not an option to prevent moisture from occurring. In these situations the solution is to not fight the damp or moisture but simply to control it. The use of waterproof products is key, as is maintaining good and constant air flow. This way the damp or moisture is not eradicated but is prevented from forming health-threatening mould and bacteria. A regular cleaning regime is also paramount in these environments. Here at Perfect Plastering we understand all these requirements and environments, and we can advise you on the systems that we can install.

Health & Safety of the occupier.

In addition to these possible situations there has to always be regards to the Health & Safety of the occupiers. In some situations there has to be a higher Fire Rating for example.

Generally speaking, partition wall systems are lightweight and easily erected. They take up little space within the area you have, typically a couple of inches thick. And yet the systems we install offer you a huge choice of options. We can help you achieve a versatile home environment or an open aspect and continually developing office, commercial or industrial environment.

Lightweight and flexible partitioning systems from Perfect Plastering Limited

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