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When you need a plasterer, you need a company that you can be sure will undertake your project with as little mess as possible and a reputation of producing an excellent finish in a timely manner.


Here is where it pays to call Perfect Plastering Limited.

Highly skilled, experienced and keenly priced, we can undertake all sizes of project from one room to a whole development. Our plastering team work in an organised way and are proficient at all modern plastering methods. As well as some “not so modern” methods as well. See our Heritage Work page.

Dry-wall Plastering is the norm in modern construction but we have undertaken traditional techniques in modern properties with remarkable effects. And when the budget allows, the clients have been blown away with the stunning results!

Different methods

There are a few different methods employed in interior plastering these days. With some of them utilising a metal stud or sub-assembly system prior to affixing a cement or gypsum based plaster board. More traditional methods include timber stud walling clad in plasterboard. Or maybe the requirement is for “Dot and Dab” whereby the plasterer applies or “Dabs” a “Dot” of plaster on the rear of the plasterboard to fix it to the wall. These are referred to as “Dry-wall” methods.

The finishing layer or “Skim” is applied after various preparations depending upon the system used. It is a highly skilled job as any DIYer that has “had a go” and resulted in a mess on the floor or on their head, will tell you!

In some instances Veneer Plastering is called for. This is where a base layer of plaster “Browning” or other workable compound is applied directly to the wall prior to the finishing layer or veneer. Dependant upon the desired finish the result can be smooth or textured. This I where we now start to get into Specialist Finishes. See more.

Specialist Finishes in Modern Properties

Internal Plastering is perhaps our mainstay of work day-in, day-out. in more modern properties. However, our specialist plastering team are becoming more an more in demand. Even in some modern properties we have been called upon to install some Specialist Venetian Plastering finishes. With remarkable effect too!

You can see some of the systems and techniques used in internal plastering in the photos on this page and other areas on our website.

Perfect Venetian Polished Plastering by Perfect Plastering Limited

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