Insulation Rendering

We can undertake both Traditional & Insulation Rendering.

Insulation Rendering helps to improve the thermal efficiency of buildings.

Traditional Rendering is more to do with aesthetics.

Either way you can bank on PERFECT RENDERING EVERY TIME!

We use a variety of methods to render buildings because these depend upon both the building’s construction and the eventual finish required.

Insulation Rendering can be used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a building as well as improve the thermal efficiency.


These days it is all about sustainability.

Insulation Rendering can lift the whole ambiance of the area and increase the property values thereby promoting community activity.


We work with an extensive range of products to suit different situations. Our skilled craftspeople regularly attend training courses and seminars offered by our material suppliers. Thereby ensuring that we keep abreast of the very latest developments within the industry.


Every project is different

We approach every project with fresh eyes and can suggest the best materials and finish for you. We use a wide range of textures and finishes. These are available with an increasing number of colours to select from too. This means that we can offer the best overall solution for your project. Give Thomas a call for more information on 07918 088407

Some of the products we use are applied in a single layer to the property. These are designed with speed of application and a reduction in disruption to the home owner in mind. They are known as "one-coat" systems and are applied by pump and therefore the most economical within the industry. Generally a fibre mesh is incorporated within the material as it is applied. It is then finished to a scrape texture the following day. If a dry dash finish is required, the second day process can be eliminated.

Insulation Rendering specialists in Derby - Perfect Plastering Limited

Insulation Rendering Specialist in The Midlands - Perfect Plastering Ltd

Silicone Renders & Traditional Rendering

We can use both Silicone and Traditional methods of rendering to learn more, see our Traditional Rendering in the Midlands page HERE

Often Planners can dictate what we use and sometimes it can be the client's preference. Whatever the choice, we have the skills and knowledge to offer a first class service.


Our staff have years of experience in Traditional Rendering and are kept up-to-date with the latest technology where equipment is concerned. We can undertake Rendering projects in Derby & Nottingham as well as Leicestershire, Staffordshire and all over the East Midlands and West Midlands.

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