High Class Heritage Work - Plastering in Historic Buildings

Our English Heritage is one which we at Perfect Plastering are proud to help protect.

Our highly skilled tradespeople are renowned for their commitment to preserving the traditional methods of Lime Plastering & Lime Rendering on Historical, Listed Buildings.

We frequently work closely with architects and historians to restore or repair both internal and external Lime Plastering or Lime Render on some of the country’s greatest historical assets. You will find that we can undertake a range of projects. Anything from Victorian Plastering techniques to replacement of intricate Architrave, Ceiling Cornice and Coving in castles and historical buildings.

Our time-served plasterers, using skills handed down from father to son.

We can undertake any project from small conservation projects involving the repair of a lime plastered wall through to major renovation or restoration projects.

Our skills do not end with traditional plastering as we have a Painting & Decorating division too. Here we can offer the skills for providing a range of finishes up to and including Gilding with 24 carat Gold Leaf.

Please see our Painting section here

Rest assured that we will advise you as to the correct products and techniques required on your project. Our experience and skill in historical building plastering has been called upon in the past on a consultancy basis and we have advised in legal proceedings too. So you can rely on Perfect Plastering Limited when it comes to historical, listed building renovation projects.

Restoring Historic Buildings to their former glory - Perfect Plastering Limited

Sypathetically restoring listed buildings to their former glory

Using a traditional three-coat technique where possible or if the project allows, we specialise in sympathetically restoring listed buildings back to their former glory. Many plastering skills and techniques can be employed, including the use of horse or other animal hair, timber laths, Natural Hydraulic Lime and Non-hydraulic Lime where the project dictates.

Letting a building breathe with Lime Plaster

Lime Plaster allows your building to breathe. Being porous it allows moisture to be absorbed and released thereby eliminating trapped moisture which ultimately will damage the whole fabric of the building. It can also help to reduce the onslaught of mould growth by reducing surface condensation on walls and ceilings.

We only use the best products –