Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Floor Screeding

Our floor Screeding Division specialise in the installation of a range of concrete flooring solutions.

Primarily we install Liquid Screed as it is the ultimate finish from both a visual and economical perspective.

Free flowing and self levelling Liquid Screed provides an evenly distributed, smooth finish that in many ways is superior to traditional sand and cement applications. The resultant surface is ready to receive any flooring finish.

Developers are finding it the commercial choice due to the range of applications available.

It can eradicate the uneven surface of bare concrete, therefore removing the imperfections in the final floor covering. An important factor these days when high quality flooring finishes and covers are used for a stylish, contemporary look.

Having a high thermal conductivity property, it is perfect in both commercial and domestic installations. Especially where the requirement for underfloor heating is a factor. In this respect it out performs traditional sand and cement screed considerably.

A quick drying, smooth and even finish

Developed around a Calcium Sulphate based binder product mixed with sand it is designed to be pumped or poured quickly and easily. Resulting in a quick drying, smooth and even finish.

There is no “Curl” on Liquid Screed and it has a very low shrinkage and cracking rate. And has a surface conforming to BS8204 - SR2 Finish

We provide a complete service for both Commercial & Domestic customers from initial preparation of the floor through to laying of the final Liquid or Flow Screed. Do contact us for advice on any project you have in mind.

The range of products vary dependant upon the requirement of the customer and we can advise on any project you have in mind.

Low Laitance Flow Screed

Low Laitance Flow Screed for example, is actually comprised of a synthetic Anhydrite Binder which is great for under floor heating projects or large developments as up to 2000m2 can be laid in a single day.


Thermio in contrast, is used where the depth is reduced and is mainly used for covering under floor heating systems. With its high thermal conductivity it is perfect for this application.

Cemfloor/MAXI Ultimate

Cemfloor/MAXI Ultimate is a free flowing cement based screed that has reduced curing times. It is ideal for use when projects are falling behind schedule and floor coverings can be laid between 7 and 10 dys after the screed has been laid.

The advantages of using Liquid Floor Screed

The advantages of using Liquid Floor Screed are that is suitable for FLoating Floor Construction due to its lighter weight when compared to traditional Sand & Cement screed; It has a faster Drying or Curing Time; It is protein-free so harmful bacteria cannot be harboured; Its application time is considerably faster in that up to 2000m2 can be laid in one day. It is also non-combustable as tested to BS476.


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