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There are three main types of Damp problems in properties.


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We offer a number of solutions which go hand in hand with our plastering expertise. Often as part of a renovation plastering project it is required to firstly attend to the underlying problem of damp which is effecting the existing plaster. By using Perfect Plastering to undertake the damp proofing you are guaranteed a smooth running operation with no hold-ups in trying to arrange a separate company to fit into the same time scales as our plastering teams. As a company we are proud to lead the way in providing a One-Stop-Shop for kindred trades. Over the last few years we have actively searched and found trades people that enable us to offer a complete and cohesive service within the construction industry. You may require Damp proofing followed by Plastering or Rendering. Or Plastering followed by Painting & Decorating. Or maybe your project entails the erection of Internal Partitioning followed by Plastering.

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Our specialist teams can be drawn together to seamlessly follow on from each other for a smooth workflow. This ensures rapid completion of the project. Not only does this save you time and expense, it maintains a central contact for you and eradicates extra planning on your part.

Contact us to undertake an initial Damp Survey where we can advise and identify the type of damp problem you are experiencing. Importantly, we can highlight the source and suggest the preventative measures or cure.

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.How to identify some of the major causes of damp requiring damp proofing.

Rising Damp

There can be a few reasons why Rising Damp appears. In older properties it could be that the property was never built with a DPC or Damp Proof Course or where it has a DPC, it could have failed. Another surprisingly common problem is where the ground outside the property has been built-up or the floors inside have been raised. This results in a bridging effect for damp to cross over from the damp footings to the dry wall above. Sometimes properties have been incorrectly rendered on the outside and this render is the culprit as it provides the bridging effect.

If the property was constructed of stone or block work which is permeable, as is the mortar used to construct it, it allows the damp to simply rise out of the ground. It literally soaks up the wall until gravity kicks in and it falls back down again.

The common cure for rising damp is to firstly remove the offending bridge, whatever it may be. Then remove any plaster board or plaster on the inside of the property. It may be necessary to also remove any render or stucco from the outside of the property too. Then holes are drilled in a regular pattern around the property, both inside and outside. We then inject a synthetic, waterproof compound into the holes. This compound is absorbed by the brick or stone and the mortar in between. Once cured it provides a waterproof barrier between the damp footings and the dry walls above.

It is successful in almost all cases. Then the internal plaster and the outside render can be replaced, ensuring that neither bridge the new waterproof barrier.


Penetrating Damp

Is an ingress of water from the exterior of the property through to the inside. Although on occasions it does not always find its way completely through to the inside. Solid brick or stone walls whilst offering good protection to the elements are never the less an absorbent material when subjected to constant exposure to a water source. Flooding from high ground and broken or ill-fitting rain guttering and down-pipes can all be causes of water ingress or penetrating damp. If left untreated it can lead to more expense and damage to the property in a very short space of time. It can lead to the following:

  • Rendering coming unstuck and flaking away from the outside wall
  • Frost damage to the facing bricks of the property
  • Stains to the masonry on the outside and plaster on the inside
  • Mould growth, damp and musty smells
  • Poor thermal insulation and heat loss

Generally it is older building that can suffer from water ingress right the way through the wall but is also seen in more modern properties where the cavity wall insulation has not been fitted correctly.

Once the underlying problem has been removed we can apply a penetrating damp treatment and repair any rendering plaster work that is required.


Condensation is caused by a build-up of warm water vapour from everyday living coming into contact with a cold surface like windows, walls, and even furniture. It is immediately identifiable by the beads of water left on the cold surfaces. This can however manifest itself into an unsightly black mould which if left untreated can destroy decoration and importantly present a health risk.

Condensation is somewhat of a lifestyle thing... Not that we choose it. But often it is due to our modern lifestyle that it happens. Given that, one can undertake steps to reduce it.

Modern construction methods dictate that homes should be as energy efficient as possible but this means eradicating cold drafts and ensuring adequate insulation around the property. Unfortunately this often results in trapping the warm, damp air within the confines of the property. It is imperative that a property has adequate ventilation. And sometimes this is in conflict with such modern home improvements as Double Glazing and Insulation Materials. Obviously there has to be a happy mix.

However, sealing warm, damp air inside a property is a recipe for an unhealthy disaster on many fronts. Us humans do not help matters with our necessary daily activities like showering and cooking either.

At Perfect Plastering we have a number of solutions to help maintain an adequate airflow throughout your home not least by the inclusion of air-bricks which would need inserting at strategic points around your property.

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